Welcome Everyone!

Hi, my name is Mônica and I’m very glad that you’ve found this page. Here I want to share with you important tips about living in Brazil and getting to know the country’s norms and extensive laws. I work as a lawyer in Brasília, and having lived abroad, myself, I can relate to the struggles we can face when we move to a different country and culture. Hope that the information here may be helpful to you and your family to experience a “smooth landing” in the country.

You can always leave a comment and if there are subjects that are not covered in the topics, please let me know, so this can become a better source of information for foreigners living and preparing to come to live in Brazil.

In the following days I will start some posts about relevant information I have already heard from people living here and some of the struggles they had to deal with once they’ve arrived in Brazil for the very first time.

Meanwhile, let me share my contact information with you, were you can find more tips and ways to contact me. Feel free to share with someone that may need it.

I’ll be back soon!

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